'I have back pain what can I do?'

Updated: May 21, 2020

More often than not chronic back pain, as bad and debilitating as it can be, can effectively be treated. It can be worrying, even frightening to be immobilized by back pain. Here are pointers to help you understand and guide you what to do next, including a video with key exercises.

The spine supports every part of your body. It protects your Central Nervous System CNS. Your CNS is involved in your respiratory and circulation systems, your digestion and elimination, your immune and hormonal networks. In other words, your spines health is central to your wellbeing.

Deep muscle relaxation, by Somatic Pandiculation ( big word, but simple really. Think of the way a cat/ dog squeeze stretches when rising that will give you some idea) followed by rebalancing of muscle tone with exercise specific movement (Pilates, and Physiotherapy) can successfully restore ease and comfort to you

Here is a guide to helping your back.

Firstly is your pain chronic (long term) or acute (sudden onset)?

If your pain is recent lets take a look at whether this is a muscle sprain or a strain.

A strain is usually treated with ice, but applying ice to the back can often aggravate the back and nerves.

Should I apply ice to my back?

-Did it hit you suddenly during strong stretching or a moment of athletic intensity? Were you lifting something way too heavy and/or awkward? In other words, did you have an “oh, shit” moment? -Is there a spot in the muscle that’s extremely sensitive to poking? (It may even be little bit deformed — is there a bump or a depression?) -Is the skin flushed and hot? Does it look puffy?

If YES, to all three, ICE is your best option.

If applying ice do so every 2 hours. After 24 hours , heat or a warm bath can be applied to relax the muscles. If there is no improvement after 72 hours see your GP or go privately to a physiotherapist. In this current COVID-19 situation, check the red flags section below to see if you need urgent care.

Back Pain Care

Ibroprofen is excellent to reduce inflammation and Ibroprofen gel is even better as it is applied direct to the area. If the back pain isn't severe, Arnica gel is also a good alternative. Please remember that ibroprofen is a pain killer, so don't presume the injury has gone away if it feels better! Rest in the Constructive Rest Position as often as you can for 48 hours.

Avoid lifting or twisting for a week at least. If you are st