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“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.”
― Henry David Thoreau


“Its the not the Destination, It's the journey.”


― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

Connection has been the driving force for all my work and personal development.  Connection to Nature, our surroundings and to others to feel safe and nourished in the world.

Using movement, art and poetry  as a way to express and release emotions, feelings, thoughts as a child, teenager and adult trying to understand the world and myself.

Moving from the restriction of school to the freedom of Art College was incredibly liberating, in a world that I felt very unconnected to people.  Nature, the woods and hills were home. 

I was lucky where I lived... I spent hours building dens and keeping the fire lit, collecting wood and must have arrived home every night with pungent smell of wood smoke. 

Dancing through long grass moving in waves flushed deep pink with a sunset in total bliss.

These are the times where reality meets myth and magic, the places that inspire, that open sensory delights and create the stories of our dreams back into reality.

I look back now and see the gift in those early years, allowing me to be in felt sense intelligence surrounded by the living world of trees and earth. The freedom and curiosity to explore things out of the main stream and the gifts that gave me in following my curiosity and the golden thread throughout my life.


 More recently... about eight years ago I followed this thread and ended up on a course with a man called Stephen Buhner, who I found out later was a well renowned Herbalist. I was blown away on this course, I felt I had come home among kindred spirts who could also hear and feel the trees and land talking. 

Life has had many magic moments..

The moon rising over a glacier, in awe of its majestic power while moving with a dance so slow, breathing, you might hear the ice crack, feeling it could move mountains.

A stag silhouetted hundreds of feet overhead on the edge of a cliff outlined against the sky whilst paddling a Kayak through the western Isles of Scotland.

Dancing for hours feeling so alive that every part of me is whole, radiating, a moment of Nirvana.

 Dancing is my movement meditation. Thanks to OSHO for this understanding, this was another doorway of understanding at just 19 years old that my meditation was moving. Mindful, embodied movement. It was my way of  allowing many strong feelings to move and be expressed, rather than kept stuck or suppressed.

E-Motion is energy in motion. 

Being in the arms of a loved one with soft skin touching, skin flushed and hearts beating...

Many of us in this current world, especially of the older generation, are touch deficient and the awareness of this grew in lockdown. As someone who is an incredible sensous person and needs touch as a primary language, this lack of any form of hugs or touch as a child became a driver for life, one that I never admitted to, as the wounded healer, until much later in life. Moving from studying anatomy, life drawing, sculpture and colour therapy, I discovered the world of massage. This was the point of all my currrent work. Knowing the body as a moving 3D form with soul , not a 2D anatomy book. My teachers throughout my jorney of body work have all been incredibly gifted and incorporated the whole being. The importance of touch for our mental, emotional and physcial wellbeing is paramount.

For over 30 years Heather has explored many  practices ,  including Hellerwork, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Sound healing, Chakras, Pranayama, Sacred Geometry, TM,  and trained  in Thai Massage, Yoga, Aerial, Swimming Teacher, Aqufit, Reiki, Metamorphic Technique,  Concious dance,  Pranayama,  and specialized in The Nia Technique ( Black Belt) , Nia 5 Stages, No Hands Bodywork, Massage, Soft Tissue and Osteo Manipulation,  Reiki Master, Hanna Somatics, Somatic Groundwork, Embodied Life Coach and Pilates and more.

Heather has taught at most of the Sports centres in the Rossendale valley and has taught movement in Care Homes and also at Haslingden Chronic Pain Clinic.

Travelling to India for 3 months in 1999 spending sometime in a Yoga Ashram. Travelling to Germany and acroos the USA for training courses. 

In her 30's Heather created many workshops which were named Healenetics.

While offering personal training in the valley and surrounding areas, she was asked to start a Pilates class at the local mums and toddler group where her own son went in 2001. This was the beginning of the group pilates classes that Heather is now well known for. Heather began teaching The Nia Tecniques in 2004 around the valley, including Horncliffe Masions, BRGS, and at The Unitarian Church, Alder Grange, Sion Baptist. 

For her own fun and Self Care Heather enjoys Skiing, Climbing,  Walking , now with a new puppy Nellie and of course dancing! 

Heather created her business Aurora in 1992 .  

She achieved her lifelong dream in 2012 by moving into her own Studio and renamed her business

'The ENERGYBODi Sensation'


 Heather's creation of the ENERGYBODi Studio came in 2012 , a dream come true....

The ENERGYBODi Sensation Studio is the place where you can find your home, the one in your mind heart and body, the one unique to you, the one your soul is asking for you to walk into and get familiar and comfortable with. It is not on the top of some holy mountain, it is not in a new age retreat by the sea nor in a super modern high flying glass box in the city, it is here, in a gloriously old mill, converted and furnished with colour, life and love and it is a vibrant and profound community of wonderful ENERGYBODi's, a sacred space for your sacred joy and you are invited, welcomed, honoured and cherished here.

On January 2024 we moved to a new wonderful premises- One Daisy Bank

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