How, When and Where? 

How to get started on your journey...

  1.  First , book your Free taster.  ( Does NOT include Aerial *)  

  2. Fast Pass 4 - Any 4 classes in  4 weeks (in studio and walk well outdoor)

  3. Fast Pass 10 - Any 10 classes in 6 weeks (in studio and walk well outdoor)

  4. SIX/THREE Pass. A combined  ONLINE 6 weeks online plus 3 classes in studio. 

  5. Taster Tuesdays - Same day, same time, a different class every week- 6 week course.

  6. ONLINE 6 - Virtual 6 week courses, online live and access to post class for the 6 week duration, 18 classes per course.

  7. Studio 6 - Courses in the studio, 6x1 sessions. Same class and  time every week. 

  8. Wellness Packages - pre-recorded courses with 6 months access

  9. Annual Members PLUS- 12 month privilege pass for those committed to a long term healthy lifestyle. This pass gives access to  all classes and  to ALL online, live and post access.

  10. Special Events & Workshops

 *Aerial - these are not offered as a free taster. Aerial Fundamentals are on Tuesdays 6pm.

Please see our Tuesdays Taster Course, or a Fast Pass. See Aerial below for more information.


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Our sessions run as 6 week blocks, with usually 2 weeks break in-between (longer in winter) 

Please see our timetable for all the classes we have available and for start times. 

We suggest you join us at first with a Fast Pass- this gives you lots of flexibility to try out all our classes. It is quick and easy to RESERVE.

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By Checking out our Reservations page you will also see classes that vary on a weekly basis, so be sure to have a browse beyond one week!

Viewing, managing and rescheduling your sessions using the app and booking system is quick and easy.  Many people say it encourages them to commit as a reminder email is sent the day before your class!

If you would like to know more about our sessions please go to our

MENU and select ABOUT and choose from the drop down. 



If you would like to book a STUDIO 6 -

i.e. the same classes each week for 6 weeks this is is still possible, but we are doing it old school! These are paid in the studio with cash or cheque! Please contact us directly to enquire and book.