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Indoor Yoga Class

Take 5

A set of 5 videos, each completely different in style.

Start with a spiral reset to find fluidity in your whole body

Sessions 2 & 3 work therapeutically on shoulders and hips, knees.

Session 4.. up for a challenge?

The final session 5, is a

posture reset on the roller. 

5 x 1 hour videos

You will need a roller for some sessions.

Breathe Easy

Our BREATHE EASY Package is full of highly effective techniques for optimizing your breathing. Breathing happens whether you pay attention to it or not, approximately 20,000 a day.

Learning breathing techniques can influence our neurochemicals to have a positive effect on our mental and emotional health.

Breathing well can reduce blood pressure and heart problems, improves sleep, lifts depression and increases vitality and the feel good factor. 

The techniques in this course have been used for people with asthma, anxiety and during and recovering from COVID.

Yoga on the Roller 1

 Develop your Yoga practice with the Roller for support and extension.

6 x 60 mins sessions

Complete the course with a sleep Yoga session on the roller.

Fitness on Yoga Mat

Core Essentials

Core essentials package will take you through 7 sessions from complete beginner to a challenging session by session 7 where you will have fine tuned everything along the way. 

You will need a roller for a couple of moves in session 7, but can be adapted.

This is a great course for really getting to the core of it!

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Somatic Yoga series 2

This is a beautiful series of Somatic Yoga.

1.Body Yawn, low back release, turtle, snake.
2.Swimming shoulders emu, owl
3.inch worm and bow.
4. Cow face Hip swing and pigeon.
5. Psoas, hamstring and foot massage
6 Essential mix top to toe

Bare Feet

Hips, Knees and 


This series of 8 videos starts with a mini workshop and detailed anatomy of how to take care of your knees.

Session 2 experience a somatic muscle reset around your knees.

Session 3 uses a chair for standing, sitting and floor work

The remaining session begin to build in levels, so you can choose to progress or keep revisiting the sessions you find valuable.

Therefore this series is good for all levels, whether you are taking particular care of your knees or if you are already fit and strong but want to focus and know more about this area.





On the Chair

This series of 5 starts with a short self assessment.

Using various chairs as a prop,

for standing, sitting and also lying on the floor feet on the chair or to lean into. 

It is a thorough workout

looking at feet, knees, hips as well as spinal rotations and shoulders. It isn't just for beginners!

This incredible in-depth course in  6 hours will give you a very comprehensive understanding of Pilates at ENERGYBODi even if you have practised Pilates for years. Here are the tools for a better posture, taking you step by step through the breathing, and the core quadrants,  with sections dedicated to shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

Learning how to move makes such a difference to your  energy levels, mental clarity and emotional wellbeing.

Most people have no idea how good their bodies can feel.



Somatic Yoga  is not a different style of yoga but rather a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles. Somatic Yoga can release AND reverse neuro-muscular pain (chronic and acute) 

 in your joints and muscles in the back, neck, shoulder and knee pain. This course takes you through your whole body. 

This is as effective as being your own massage therapist. 


Back to


This course starts with an effective constructive rest position if you are feeling a little fragile and need to take care. 


This course is also ideal if you are dipping your toe into Pilates for the first time and want to go slowly or would like to recap on the most important Pilates basics,  

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