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Welcome to One Daisy Bank

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We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you at our new venue, One Daisy Bank in Bacup, Rossendale. OL13 8AL The ENERGYBODi Sensation continues to thrive as a wellness studio committed to fostering connections – to oneself and others. Our philosophy centers around the transformative power of movement, as we believe that learning to move well is key to feeling well. Movement has the ability to reshape lives by shifting thought patterns, unlocking new possibilities, and elevating emotions to a more balanced and uplifted state. As we usher in the new year, The ENERGYBODi Sensation embraces fresh beginnings with open arms. We are thrilled to announce its relocation to the vibrant One Daisy Bank venue, marking the start of an exciting chapter. Several years ago, Jess Goggins and her father acquired One Daisy Bank with the initial purpose of utilizing the double garage for their roofing business and a Wellbeing Studio on the main new floor. Over time, they embarked on a transformative journey, converting the entire building. Through a meticulous process of gutting the interior, installing new steel girders, and adding a third floor at the top, and a new roof, the space was ingeniously crafted. Specifically designed as a studio on the middle floor, we are thrilled to announce the relocation of the ENERGYBODi holistic health studio to One Daisy Bank. The rich history and thoughtful design of this space perfectly align with our commitment to providing a nurturing environment for your well-being. The successful opening day filled with positive energy and warm reception from our community has set the tone for what promises to be a transformative journey. We are eager to continue supporting your well-being and look forward to creating many more memorable moments at our new home. Here's to a year filled with wellness, positivity, and the pursuit of a balanced, energized life! Your presence adds to the vibrant ENERGYBODi community, and we can't wait to continue this journey of well-being together. With gratitude, Heather and The ENERGYBODi Team

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