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Sanctuary Dance

New ways of moving and dancing may produce new ways of feeling and perceiving the world.

TUESDAY 27th February & 26th March 6.30-8pm 

( £10 now or £12 on the door, cash only)


Sensory Symphony: Navigating the Dance of Interoception

EMBODi Dance becomes a symphony of sensations—participants feeling the subtle shifts in weight, the gentle stretch of muscles, the rhythm of breath, and the pulsating beat of their own heart. Through this sensory exploration, the dance becomes a dialogue between the external movements and the internal responses, weaving a tapestry of holistic experience.

This Embodied Dance is a rhythm that echoes through your daily life, enhancing meaningful experiences, fostering resilience, moments of reflection, gratitude and enhancing social connections.

Architects of Movement:
The Intelligent Body

EMBODi Dance respects the body's intelligent architecture. The choreography  emphasizes joint care and the cultivation of healthy movement patterns.

It is not merely a sequence of steps but a dance that listens and responds to the body's wisdom.

The converted church venue, The Circle, Bacup, immerses the dancer in  this exploration, heightening the sensory experience as participants moving within its awe-inspiring architecture. 

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Sacred Echoes:
The Interplay of Senses and Spirit

Deepen awareness of your body, feelings/emotions and thoughts to create space and opportunity for choice and change.

Develop body positivity.

In a non judgemental enviroment, everyone is welcome.

Life long friendships have been made.

There are no strangers , only friends you have not yet met.


The musical playlist for our Sanctuary dance draws heavily from the music repertoire of Karl Jenkins. To categorize 'Adiemus' simply as a piece for sopranos and orchestra would confine it within preexisting conventions, a limitation that the Welsh composer would probably contest.

While the piece finds its inspiration in gospel and African musical traditions, and the rhythmic percussion imparts a tribal-like cadence to the unrestrained vocals, it intriguingly adopts structures from the European classical tradition, such as rondo and ternary forms.


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emBODi Dance

EMBODI Dance invites participants on a profound and transformative journey, skillfully guided by Heather Parsons, a seasoned facilitator with over 25 years of expertise in the realms of movement and mindfulness. This immersive experience cultivating a rich tapestry that interweaves the body's senses and interoception.


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