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News & Memberships

Firstly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering support during our recent transition to our new premises at One Daisy Bank. Moving was no small feat, both physically and emotionally, but we've settled in beautifully, and our classes are thriving more than ever. Despite the distance some of you may have to travel, and even the roadworks have not detered you, your commitment to your wellbeing shines through, and we couldn't be more grateful.

 In response to the overwhelming demand and the cozy confines of our new space, we've been busy fine-tuning our class schedule. While some classes have changed times and a few have bid farewell, we are constantly evolving and adding new offerings to our timetable.

In light of our recent adjustments, I also want to share a decision I've made regarding our Dance class on Monday evenings. While it brings me great sadness to announce, we will be discontinuing the weekly Dance class on Mondays. However, fear not! We're transforming this into something even more special. Instead of a weekly class, we'll be hosting a once-a-month special event Dance extravaganza on the last Tuesday of every month. Although it's bittersweet to bid farewell to our weekly Dance class, I'm incredibly excited about the potential and energy this monthly event will bring. It's a chance for us to infuse our routines with a fresh burst of enthusiasm and creativity, while still honoring the essence of what made our Dance class so special. I believe this change will allow us to explore new dimensions of movement and expression while fostering an even stronger sense of unity within our community. So mark your calendars and get ready to dance your heart out on the last Tuesday of each month! I am undecided as to whether to offer a dance on Thursday mornings. If you are interested please let me know. It may be that it is once a month. There will also be a low flow Aerial once a month on Thursdays 11.15am slot. We are also sorry to say that Fridays Chair Yoga is no longer included in the membership but can be purchased at a great price on another pass. We are thrilled to share the incredible success of our latest offering, the YoSo Touch session! The results have surpassed our expectations, delving even deeper into the realms of relaxation and healing.The feedback from our community has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants experiencing a heightened sense of well-being and rejuvenation after each session. In response to this enthusiastic reception, we've made the decision to extend the session duration to 2 hours, sessions will happen approx once every 2 or 3 weeks. YoSo Touch will be included in the new membership package 'ZENITH' And that's not all—exciting developments are on the horizon! We're delighted to announce that a new Kettlebells class will be joining our lineup soon. As I progress through my training course, I'm eagerly preparing to introduce this dynamic and invigorating workout to our community. While the exact launch date is still pending, we anticipate the Kettlebells class to start at the end of summer.

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Our New Pricing Plans

Now, onto some main news! As we reflect on our journey three months into our new home, we've realized the need for a slight restructuring of our pricing plans. With the smaller venue and changing dynamics, it's essential for us to adapt to ensure we continue delivering the exceptional service you deserve.

Introducing our refreshed pricing structures:


Formly Members Plus

    • 40 weeks per year- Enjoy an extra month of classes per year led by myself and Jess. (previously 36 )

    • Jo will continue offering 36 weeks per year.

    • Access 60 sessions annually.

    •  5 sessions allocated per month. Plus, you can carry over unused sessions to the following month if you're unable to attend due to holidays or illness. Remember, pre-booking  and cancelling in the event of being unable to make it, is essential to make the most of your membership!

    • Access to Monthly Live Stream -8 sessions online per month

    • If you are already on this plan and there is no request to change, your plan will automatically transfer to this package. including the extra one month per year of classes.

    • If you wish to transfer to ZENITH, you will need to do so BEFORE or ON the day your current MAY Payment is due.-If you pay by BACS you will need to make the changes with your BANK directly.

    • *excludes YoSo Touch and any new upcoming sessions


Offer ENDS 31st May 2024

    • Experience unlimited sessions

    • 40 weeks per year- Enjoy an extra month of classes per year led by myself and Jess. (previously 36 ) Jo will continue offering 36 weeks per year.

    • Full access to video library and current Live stream.

    • Gain exclusive access to new classes like YoSo Touch and Kettlebells, which will be available only to ZENITH and ZENERGY members.

    • Inclusive of YoSo Touch ( worth £15 per session) and new sessions

    • If you already pay by BACS- by direct bank transfer,  you can continue but you will need to make the changes directly more info below.

This is an incredible opportunity to continue to take advantage of all that ENERGYBODi has to offer. Our ZENITH membership is a limited-time special offer, open to purchase until the end of May 2024, so don't miss out on securing your spot in this premium tier.

If you miss this offer don’t worry, see our ZENERGY option.

Your presence and enthusiasm fuel our community, and we are endlessly grateful for each and every one of you.

If you have any questions or would like further information about our new pricing plans, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you every step of the way.

With boundless gratitude and excitement,



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Click on logo for pricing plans

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  • Offering 40* weeks per year

  • Unlimited access to ALL classes

  • Full access to online library of past and current sessions.

  • 12 months contract commencing May 2024

  • £49 per month

  • Special Offer- Available until 31st May

  • BUY NOW to take immediate benefits

  • 40 weeks per year of classes.

  • 60 sessions per year **

  • Allocated 5 sessions can be carried over to the next month

  • 8 Online Classes per month

  • £36 monthly

  • 40 weeks per year of sessions- unlimited access to ALL classes

  • Full access to online video library past and current.

  • No Contract. Join anytime, Cancel anytime.

  • £60 monthly payment




  • Single Session *

  • Expires in 4 weeks

  • ALL Classes*

  • 5 hour cancellation policy and can be rescheduled. 

  • £10

fast pass_edited.jpg


  • 6 CLasses*​

  • Expires in 3 months

  • ALL Classes*

  • 5 hour cancellation policy and can be rescheduled

  • £50



  • Monthly Online

  • 8 sessions per month

  • Start any time, cancel anytime

  • Teachers available for personal advice by text or ENERGYBODi APP

  • £25

*Single Pass, Fast Pass, EnergyBalance does not include YoSo Touch . This can be purchased seperately.

** ENERGYBALANCE is allocated 60 sessions per year. The pass is allocated 5 sessions per month which can be booked up to 3 months in advance, eg if you are on holiday or ill the sessions can still be used

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