What  I have to offer isn't a gadget or a pill, but it is a medicine and it's always at your fingertips.

It's the medicine of movement. 

Most people have no idea how good their body can feel.

Your sense of self and your emotions change in accordance to

your movement and posture. 

Your health, mentally and emotionally as well as physically,

grows out of moving.

Your cognition is highly influenced by your posture.

  New ways of moving creates new ways of

thinking, feeling and perceiving the world.


Move Well, Feel Well

Outdoors Yoga Class

EMBODi Pilates






Breathe, energize, strengthen  and support your body

Nordic Walking

Walk Well







Breathe in

and find inspiration.

Crossed Arms

EMBODi Dance






the delight of moving

Yoga Class




Recover, release, re-educate your muscles


EMBODi Aerial







Fly away!

Develop  confidence, trust,

& self belief. You can!

Somatic exercises



Tap into your

body's innate wisdom

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 With over 25 years experience, join founder, Heather Parsons

and the ENERGYBODi team teachers,

Jo, Jess, Cathy, Dea and

learn how to create and prioritize self care.

When we feel good, physically and mentally,

we can be more present for everyone and everything around us.

Fitness is about the whole of you and your world.

Be Well.

Get In Touch



with Self,

with Us

with Friends

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The ENERGYBODi Studio Unit C Clarke Home Street, Burnley Road East, Rossendale , England United Kingdom

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