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Balance your Energy Bodi


"A bespoke. group experience of guided deep rest  that invokes  an embodied sense of self care, reflection, support,  replenishing, nuturing, honouring personal well-being.''

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Medical Thai Massage
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Inspire Trust, Self Knowing and Body Positivity with
YoSo Touch

YoSo Touch unfolds as a blend of  Yin Yoga, Somatic exploration, with hands on touch.

In these hands-on sessions, YoSo Touch incorporates hands on touch tailored to individual preferences. Heather's touch is a reflection of her mastery of 30 years as a bodyworker creating an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

Touch is so simple and so powerful that we almost miss it, because its hiding in plain view. Yet Massage has now been scientifically proven to boost immunity, improve mood, reduce pain, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and improve self esteem.

The Art of Relaxation

The art of letting go and relaxing is a skill in todays hectic, demanding and fast paced, judgemental world. Relaxation isn't passive, it requires active engagement with techniques or practices that promote a state of calmness and ease.

It all begins with finding the space and time and then giving oneself permission to unwind and recharge.  That is an important first step. 


YoSo Touch  provides essential, much needed, deep relaxation for the body and mind to rest and recover from the demands of daily life. 

Simply heading to bed and sleeping, or watching TV or reading a book, more often than not, in todays over busy schedule isn't enough. We need to learn how to let go of muscle tension, how to slow the thoughts and how to receive. 

Flow- To let in and let go.


YoSo Touch is a time to replenish energy stores.

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The Essential Nutrient

Touch is essential for humans to thrive.

Touch plays a major part in connection. Many of us are touch deficient. Why does touch matter? Touch plays a role in emotional regulation by influencing the release of oxytocin.

Touch is as vital as eating a well balanced diet. Touch has been shown to shift and lift mood, boost immune system, and is vital for our self of wellbeing and happiness

Crafted by the skilled hands and compassionate expertise of Heather Parsons, a seasoned practitioner with over 30 years of expertise in bodywork. 

YoSo Touch sessions are held once a fortnight on Monday Mornings* in the  intimate setting of Daisy Bank Studios. The sessions are 2 hours and for 6 participants. 

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