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Pilates Shoulders, Upper Back, neck

Pilates can be of enormous benefit to anyone who suffers with shoulder pain. It’s also a great tool

  • 10 British pounds
  • ONE Daisy Bank at Rose bank Studios

Service Description

Although wear and tear in our joints are natural and inevitable as we get older, we can help our bodies negate these effects by ensuring our shoulders are well supported. That means strengthening the core muscles, tendons and ligaments that keep your shoulder in place and functioning well while working on your flexibility to prevent stiffness. Pilates has specific movements that focus on your rotator cuff (the main muscle that stabilises your shoulder), correct posture and alignment so you’re not putting additional strain on your shoulders and can improve your flexibility too. These movements when practised consistently can ensure your shoulder joints, neck and spine are working well together to ensure you have good shoulder functionality now, and to prevent any damage occurring in the future from misalignment issues or muscle strain. Most of the pain from a shoulder is caused by inflammation and irritation to the surrounding tendons, ligaments and muscles which is why even when a fracture or dislocation has healed, the pain can often remain. One way we might try to avoid the pain is by shifting our body posture, and we’re often not even aware of it. If it’s painful for you to stand tall you might pull up your shoulders to make them more comfortable, for example. Not only can this have a knock-on effect on the rest of your body as you find you may slouch or hunch your back to compensate for this new position, but it can also further irritate and inflame shoulder as you’re no longer in a natural and aligned posture. Pilates can help reduce your pain by correcting and restoring your posture. This ensures that your shoulder is where it should be in your body so, the supporting muscles and soft tissues aren’t hindered in trying to support it. When your alignment is corrected, it’s easier to practice those Pilates movements each day to rebuild your shoulder strength, mobility and flexibility. A strong and well-supported shoulder is less likely to develop irritation or inflammation and any existing inflammation will heal more quickly and easily.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

We have a 5 hour cancellation policy. Please let us know at least 5 hours before your session if you need to cancel.

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  • Daisy Bank, Bacup OL13 8AL, UK

    + 07972932117

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