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Is Bodywork a fancy word for Massage?

Bodywork is a practice that is much more than just getting a massage.

Bodywork dives deeper- It is about developing a relationship to yourself as a body.  A BodyWorker will assess your posture and have an indepth knowledge of biomechanics along with several skills that have taken years to develop.

Bodywork sessions with Heather Parsons 

Every Bodywork session is unique.

Heather has been in the field of Bodywork fulltime for 30 years. 


Alison Westwood

I've been going to Heather's Pilates sessions for the past 5 years but recently heard about her bodiwork sessions too. Through a mixture of lockdown and having a toddler I hadn't been looking after myself and was beginning to develop regular back pain. I decided to book onto a course of Heather's bodiwork and was not disappointed. She immediately put me at ease asking about why I was there and what I needed, then she explained what would happen and what followed was the most amazing massage I've ever had. She spent most of her time on my back as requested but quickly found other tight spots that needed a bit of loosening and worked on those too using a variety of massage techniques. I felt like a new person after it, my back felt much more relaxed and a lot of my pain went away. I then had the best nights sleep I'd had in months. I've another couple of sessions coming up and I can't wait, and can highly recommend Heather's bodiwork sessions, such good value for money and so so worth it!

Janette Stephens

After years of seeing Chiropractors for my Osteoarthritis and Cervical Spondylitis, I can’t overrstate what a huge. difference “Bodywork” has made for me in just a matter of weeks!  Coupled with Rehab Yoga and Dancing through Life at ENERGYBODI,  my posture, walking and all round movement are greatly improved and pain levels reduced.  I have learnt so much about how my body works and am excited to see how much more improvement can be achieved going forward. I will definitely be sticking with it.

Gina Cole

I love Heather’s bodywork sessions. They’re so uniquely tailored to your needs, no one session you have will ever be the same. It’s not a typical beauty regime that follows a particular routine; each session is totally bespoke based on your individual consultation and Heathers intuitive approach. She creates a safe space so you can trust that you will fully relax into your treatment ensuring you get exactly what you need. Pure Magic

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