Is Pilates useful for men? Consider this: Pilates was started by a man, Joseph Pilates; it's been a training vehicle for elite athletes, both men, and women, for over 50 years; and men have figured prominently as instructors and promoters of the Pilates method throughout its history.

Though men have always been part of the Pilates scene, the surge of popularity that Pilates has enjoyed in recent years has been powered to a large extent by a wave of women participants and instructors, leaving some with the impression that the Pilates method is more for women.

We have run a 'Blokes Pilates' session on Monday 8.30pm for many years at ENERGYBODi, which is predominantly men ( 80/20 ratio, all our classes are mixed). Men are welcome in every Pilates class we have at ENERGYBODi.  For many has taken them years to make the leap of faith to come through the doors, with all sorts of doubts and preconceptions.

Footballers do Pilates, Tennis players do Pilates, Plumbers do Pilates, Builders do Pilates, Cyclists do Pilates, Blokes do Pilates.
No men in tight lycra here. .. well unless you're a cyclist of course! 
You need your body to work. 
All those things you took for granted when you were younger, shifting and lifting and endless energy and a belief you will keep doing this all your life and then one day, somethings not quite working right, somethings aching and maybe there is quite a bit of pain, but you keep going, because you have to 
and its tiring. The aches and pains are energy draining, they can make you ratty, tired and worried.
Well it doesn't have to be that way. 

Pilates is not just an exercise class. Its not all those pictures of women bending themselves double in flexibility. This is practical real stuff based on exercises given by physiotherapists, maybe your physio even gave you a bunch of exercises but you just don't keep them up, who does! 
Many people come here and say they wish they had done this years ago. 
Well its never to late and the time is now. 
Don't expect your body to keep giving out for you if you don't put anything in. Now is the time. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. 
Pilates WILL make a difference to your life. 

BODi Pilates also gives you techniques and space on how to switch off your mind and relax after a stressful day. 
The class is full of blokes just like you, not very flexible or bendy, some do some sport, others spend a lot of time at a desk, others graft hard on their feet every day. 
Give yourself a boost.