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Bespoke gifts and vouchers for Anniversaries, Birthday,  Valentines, Graduation, Christmas gifts
Team building!
Aerial: Yoga: Walking; Pilates: Dance.

Welcome to

'Design Your Own Private Party/Event at The ENERGBODi Sensation!'

Are you looking for something bespoke for a special friend, your loved one,

partner, your children* or parent? 

Are you looking to create a memorable experience for a special occasion?

We offer a series of Packages tailored especially for yourself or your recipient.

 Get together with your friends and  explore the great outdoors with the technique of  Nordic Walking, taking in the views of Rossendale, stopping for a spot of lunch. 


Experience the skills and thrills of Aerial Yoga to build confidence, trust, team building, and exhilarating fun with friends, family or work collegues!

A giggle and snigger and a roar of laughter Yoga followed by a deep restful Savasana.

Dance like no ones watching and let yourself be free, with dances themed in African, Celtic, Jazz or Pop. Let us know your groups favourite track and we may be able to choreograph it for you.

Share the connection and joy of learning to massage. A great thing to share with friends and family all done fully clothed. 


Chill out with your friends away from the hustle and bustle with a  Somatic Yoga session. Unwind and find deep relaxation to set the mood for the rest of your day/eve. 

Discover the wonder of your body in a Pilates session that's totally unique to ENERGYBODi!   Play with working in pairs and small groups for new and inspiring moves and fun.

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Create a day to remember!

Our Gold Packages includes a Digital Page, similar to this one, that you can send as

GIFT VOUCHER with a private link.  We can personalize the page so it is suitable and tailored to your event. This will only be viewable to you and those you share the link with. Your page will include an interactive photo gallery and personalised with your own theme, words, and videos etc.

How about a group Happy Birthday video song for them, or share some photos ready for when they first open the digital gift? 

After the event, photos  & optional videos from the event  will be uploaded for all of your guests to view afterwards.**

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A two hour session* of your choice of up to 12 people  You will be welcomed into the ENERGYBODi studio  by 2 teachers who will guide and support you and your guests. Design your session in advance according to the ability of your group, choose your focus eg invigorating or a more rejuvenating session.  Our teachers always adapt in the moment to the needs of the clients- your guests.. our teachers look forwards to meeting you.


Include a personalized digital gift voucher page and our memory page* for photos and videos after the event


*For Aerial parties the session will be two and a half hours.


Two x 2 hour sessions*  with  a break- time of your choice, Eg you could have an 45/60min break for food in the Studio, or choose to have one session in the morning and the other late afternoon or early evening. (leaving the studio to explore Rossendale, eat out etc).  Suitable for up to 12 people.

You will be able to personalize your experience for each session. A dynamic session or more restful and calming experience,  a focus on shoulders, or skills to build inner confidence or mindfulness.  More information on how to create your session to your needs can be made once purchased. 

Radiant Package £340

Radiant Gold

Including our personalized digital GIFT VOUCHER  and MEMORY page £420

For aerial parties you will be invited to arrive 20 mins before the set start time.


3/5 hour Nordic Walk in the Valley of Rossendale- Discover new paths and learn the technique of Nordic walking for posture, propulsion and protection.  Walks are approximately between 3 and 6 miles with breaks for instructing the specific technique for your posture, improved walking and how to protect and support your joints. A break for packed lunch and cake etc can be added, or if you would prefer a pub stop for drinks and  or food stop. Discover a new route to share with friends.

 We also offer Mindfulness walking and Forest Bathing. 

 Approx 8 people , which includes pole hire. Nordic poles are very specific, if you are a larger party we may be able to accommodate with some planning.

 The pace and ability of the walkers will be taken into the planning. 


 3 Hour with mini pack lunch break, digital gift Voucher and memory page and route tracker £150*

THRIVE GOLD with Pub lunch

5 hour with pub stop, digital gift voucher and memory page and route tracker £250*

* prices don't include food

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