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Welcome Home

Creating space and carving out precious time for yourself can sometimes be a challenge, 

Creating space in your busy timetable, in your life, in our mind,  in-between the  thoughts is essential for your health and happiness.

Space allows us to rest and  restore

  Creating space allow the magic of new possibilities.


Christy Evans

'Another fab session tonight. I am so impressed by the warm, beautiful, welcoming space you have created. It's years since I have enjoyed any dance or Yoga classes, mainly because I feel so unfit and ugly. I couldn't face it, even though I love the movements. Your place is transformational. Every time I leave a session I feel a different person, so uplifted, my worries fall away. I've gottona little stronger too, which I wasn't expecting after just 6 weeks, I am totally smitten. Thank You ' Christy Evans

liz woodings_edited.jpg

Liz Woodings

''Best experience of exercise I've ever had! It's life changing. It moved me, it nourished me, it mended me, it accepted me. Give it a go...I promise it will give you something too''

Liz Woodings

helen walton.jpg

Helen Walton

'At one time, I thought I couldn’t, so I didn’t. I was put off sport because of past failures or because I felt I couldn’t do ‘it’ as well as other people. At ENERGYBODi, I tentatively started attending the classes and very quickly found I loved it. It didn’t matter if I didn’t get it right immediately because the atmosphere is supportive, fun and feels like a community. Now I feel like there is a smile, inside me, which grows larger and larger, until I am one big smile. I love it. No longer am I the ‘girl’ who thought she couldn’t do ‘it’, but the ‘girl’ who knows she can.' Helen Walton

Moving away from the classic style gym or Yoga studio, we have created a space that many describe as returning home.

If the thought of going to the gym, or being in a class feels scary, or makes you feel nervous, or simply turns you right off, we want to change the way you think about and experience fitness. ... When thinking about starting an exercise class is this you?...

  • Not being good enough

  • Not got the right clothes

  • Not fit enough

  • Embaressed

  • Worried about tight clothing

  • Don't want to go on their own

  • Fear of judgement

  • Don't want to feel silly

  • Feel intimidated

  • Pelvic floor problems

  • Woried about their body shape and size

  • Feel guilty about taking time for their own health

  • Feel guilty about being away from their children

  • Feel guilty about not putting the family first

  • Feel guilty about not doing enough for ageing parents

  • Feel guilty about not putting others first

That's one hell of a list!

Is this YOU?
You don't have to wear tight leggings or get the style right, you can dress up or come in your scruffs, whatever your age or your size, we don't use mirrors in our studio, we focus on how you feel. 'It's true, when you feel good, really really good, you look amazing.

  • Chill Out

  • Meet some great people

  • Make new friends

  • Learn an effective way to de-stress after work or taking care of the family.

  • Feel at home in a new place

  • Find a healthy way to spend time with friends

  • Ease your aches and pains

  • Regulate yourself in times of stress

  • Get Stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally

  • Open up new possibilities in life

  • Discover new ways of moving

  • Be fitter, healthier and happier

  • Create a posture with intention not habit

  • Have fun, laugh lots and feel go !

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