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Live 6

Anywhere, Anytime!

Live 6 is our virtual ENERGYBODi Studio.

Described as bringing the ENERGYBODi vibe into your own living room/garden, at home or on holiday!

A 6 week course consists of 18 classes in total,

3 per week live on our website and Facebook.

You have continued access to EVERY class for the remainder of the course duration. 

Join in real time or the recorded session.

This means you can join us live or revisit at anytime and as often as you like. This makes it great for returning to your favourites or to deepen your understanding of particular aspects of a class focus.

It allows a greater flexibility to work with busy schedules.

Live 6 co-ordinates with our studio term timetable, see below for start times. 

LIVE 6- £40 - 18 sessions

Mondays 7.15pm Pilates Essentials

Wednesdays 9.45am Yoga Essentials

Saturdays 10am Embodi Dance


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