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Iconic Dances by

Dea Robson

This will be Dea's last course at ENERGYBODi. You are welcome for the course or pop into one session only.


''Over the course of 6 weeks we will be looking back at some of the techniques and choreographies that I have taught during my time with ENERGYBODi.  I will aim to teach 4-6 dances/ choreographies that I am sure you will remember & love but most of all we will have some great fun dancing together. Don’t worry if you are starting with me for the first time, I will be going over and recapping all steps & techniques each week ❤ After six weeks of attendance  you will:-

1. Have participated in warm up & cool down exercises

2. Have gained an insight into the dance styles being taught

3. State the difference between traditional, trending & iconic dances

4. Recognise music for different dance styles

5. Be able to participate in copying dance moves demonstrated & in time to varied musical rhythms

6. Be able to dance to at least 4 of the listed choreographies by the end of the six weeks'

The next six weeks will be a recap of dance styles & moves to date. If you are new or just dropping in I will still breakdown the dance steps of any of the below, you won’t be left behind'' 

Hope you have enjoyed your dance journey with me it’s been a privilege and a pleasure teaching you all. I’m sure to see you all soon.

Take care till then


 Dea xxx

Payment options-

6 week course £40 cash on the door

Single session £5 cash on door

or Pre pay 6 week course £35 Use link below

1. Jitterbug - Trend 1940’s
2. Hava Nagila - Traditional Hebrew folk dance
3. Saturday Night Fever - Iconic 1970’s Film
4. Charleston - Trend1920’s Dancers
5. Jai Ho - Iconic Slumdog Millionaire Film
6. Iko Iko. - Dance pop trend 2021
7. Jerusalema. - Dance pop trend 2020 8. Eng/Celtic Folk Dance - Traditional English/Celtic.
9. Peaky Blinders Stroll. - Trend 2019 10. All That Jazz. - Iconic from Chicago 1975
11. Veil Dance - Egyptian
12. Fan Dance. - Spanish traditional
13. Tribal Bellydance. - Grounding moves improv style
14. Raks Sharki - Traditional oriental style bellydance

WEEK ONE • 2nd May 2023- Warm up • Jitterbug • Hava Nagilla • Cool-down - Marco Polo by Loreen McKinnet

WEEK TWO • 9th May- Warm up • Saturday Night Fever • Charleston • Cool-down - Marco Polo by Loreen McKinnet

WEEK THREE • 15th May- Warm up • Jai Ho • Iko Iko • Cool-down - Marco Polo by Loreen McKinnet

WEEK FOUR • 22nd May- Warm up • English Celtic folk dance • Peaky Blinders Stroll • Cool-down - Marco Polo by Loreen McKinnet

WEEK FIVE • 29th May- Warm up • All That Jazz • Veil Dance • Cool-down - Marco Polo by Loreen McKinnet

WEEK SIX • 5th June-  Warm up • • Spanish Fan Dance • Cool-down - Marco Polo by Loreen McKinnet

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