Tribal Belly Dance

Welcome to Tribal Belly Dance by experienced teacher Dea Robson.

Tribal belly dance is a very grounded earthy style form of belly dance and is performed by groups of women or tribes.

All classes are defined by a set of attainable objectives.  The techniques are  broken down into  clearly defined moves which are demonstrated and are easy to follow with clear instructions. There is plenty of repetition and time to ask questions, with small group practice and observation as well as full group participation so you wont get left behind.  It is a supportive environment and though teacher lead there is also plenty of peer support too but most of all it is a fun way to tone those muscles and with regular attendance and practice learn a new skill and drop a dress size!


We dance in our bare feet  (socks and tights are discouraged as these have no grip and you could easily slip).  Always bring water, dance is an exercise and you need to keep hydrated.


We have warm up and cool down exercises and stretches at the beginning and end of class.  


Wear loose comfortable clothing that you will allow you to move freely.


Enjoy the experience of learning and discovering what your body is capable of


Belly dance whatever its style has to be one of the oldest forms of dance known to man and is depicted as far back as 3000BC in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Although always alive in the middle east, belly dance has been lying somewhat dormant over here in western society but it has surfaced once again and is now evolving, moving quickly and is fast becoming fore front in modern day dance.