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Welcome to Taster Tuesdays.

Creating space and carving out precious time for yourself can sometimes be a challenge, yet all the more important in the modern western world.

Creating space in our busy timetable, in our lives, in our mind,  in-between the  thoughts.

Space allows us to rest and  restore; opens up new possibilities.

''Best experience of exercise I've ever had!    It's life changing.   It moved me,  it nourished me,  it mended me,  it accepted me.

Give it a go...

I promise it will give you something too'' Liz Woodings.

With that in mind, we have created space on Tuesdays, same day, same time, every week, you will get to experience something completely different.  


By the end of the 6 week course you will have gained confidence; made new friends, relaxed your nervous system; developed new awareness of how you move to improve your life; found exercise that is fun, enjoyable, fascinating. Become full of appreciation and gratitude for yourself.

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You will no longer need the sheer force of will power,  as you learn to nurture a willingness for self care. 

  Willingness has a Yin quality to it.   Many people have depleted their Yin energy by working too hard, sleeping too little and doing too much in a day and then pushing even more with their exercise regime. 

This isn't to say you won't be challenged at times in our sessions, and it doesn't mean its always easy or that you aren't getting a workout.  There will, however, be choice, non judgement, and bags of support as you learn to guide yourself, listen to yourself and celebrate yourself.


Create space and nourish the Yin with ENERGYBODi to guide and support you.

This Girl Can

'At one time, I thought I couldn’t, so I didn’t. I was put off sport because of past failures or because I felt I couldn’t do ‘it’ as well as other people. At ENERGYBODi, I tentatively started attending the  classes and very quickly found I loved it. It didn’t matter if I didn’t get it right immediately because the atmosphere is supportive, fun and feels like a community. Now I feel like there is a smile, inside me, which grows larger and larger, until I am one big smile. I love it. No longer am I the ‘girl’ who thought she couldn’t do ‘it’, but the ‘girl’ who knows she can.'   Helen Walton

Sports England research found 13 million women who said they would like to exercise, of those 6 million of them are not. Why is this? The number one reason, fear.

Read more about This Girl can

This Girl Can-in six weeks

  • Chill Out

  • Meet some great people

  • Make new friends

  • Learn an effective way to de-stress after work or taking care of the family.

  • Feel at home in a new place

  • Find a healthy way to spend time with friends

  • Ease your aches and pains

  • Regulate yourself in times of stress

  • Get Stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally

  • Open up new possibilities in life

  • Discover new ways of moving

  • Be fitter, healthier and happier

  • Create a posture with intention not habit

  • Have fun, laugh lots and feel go !

No one gets to choose how you exercise other than you.

Your body, your call.

And whatever that looks like, we think it’s worth celebrating. 

'This Girl Can' is a Sports England initiative, funded by the National Lottery,  to support women into  exercise in a non judgemental environment. In five years it helped more than 500,000 women and girls to become more physically active.

 Pilates, Aerial, Yoga, Somaspirals, Dance & Meditation

Moving away from the classic style gym or Yoga studio, we have created a space that many describe as returning home.

We work with functional movement to develop awareness, confidence, knowledge and empowerment of self with a delightful ease!  Using pleasure as a guide, we develop gratitude and a connection to ourselves and others. 

Laughter, fun, friendships and feel good!

After the course you may want to focus on your favourite sessions or

repeat it all over again, it was so good!

Our Next 6 week TASTER TUESDAYS course  commences 
8th March 2022
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Next course- Tuesday 3rd May
We are looking at also offereing a Wellbeing Wednesday Taster 6 week course soon,.

''Best experience of exercise I've ever had! It's life changing. It moved me, it nourished me, it mended me, it accepted me.

Give it a go...

I promise it will give you something too'' Liz Woodings.

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This Woman Can !

Taster Tuesdays

6 Sessions, 6 weeks, 6pm commences 8.3.22

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Thanks for registering. Your Course starts Tuesday 8th March 6pm. Please arrive 10 mins before.

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