“When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.”


Heather's  journey so far, has been to explore what it means to be connected.


Connection within, to others, to nature, to our enviroment, using sensation as a guide. 

Heathers connection to nature began at a very young age and is her continuing source of inspiration.


 Movement in its multifarious forms, has been her doorway to connection and understanding life.

Heather created her business Aurora in 1992 .  

She achieved her lifelong dream in 2012 by moving into her own Studio and renamed her business

'The ENERGYBODi Sensation'

Heather's childhood was spent for the most part, playing out in the hills, woodland, building fires, dens, putting up tents.

Nature has been the biggest inspiration and sense of feeling connected and supported.

The moon rising over a glacier, in awe of its majestic power while moving with Qiqong, breathing so deep and slow, it could move mountains.

A stag silhoutted hundreds of feet overhead on the edge of a cliff outlined against the sky whilst paddling a Kayak through the western Isles of Scotland.

Dancing through long grass moving in waves flushed deep pink with a sunset in total bliss.

These are the times where reality meets myth and magic, the places that inspire, that open sensory delights and create the stories of our dreams back into reality.


Opening sensory gateways is our connection to being here.

Heather trained as an artist after leaving school, initially working in black and white photography. The world suddenly splashed into colour in the world of fine arts leading her to study and qualify as a colour therapist and massage therapist and a fascination with life drawing and sculpture took an unexpected turn to study anatomy and to train in Osteopathy. 

After leaving college Heather had a shop in Manchester Corn Exchange (before the bombing) selling Screen printed t-shirts, handmade clothing and essential oils. 

Over 30 years Heather has explored many embodied practices Bodywork modalities,  including Hellerwork, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Thai Massage, Yoga, Concious dance, and specialized in The Nia Technique, Nia 5 Stages, No Hands Bodywork TM, Massage, Reiki Master, Hanna Somatics and  Pilates, all a continual journey which Heather has a passion to share.

Heather worked with a sound therapist in her 20's to explore how sound creates patterns and affects the body at a cellular level learning about sacred geometry as a place of healing and creation and how to use sound and music to shift emotions and energetic patterns in the body.


Understanding the power of sound and music is a large part of the any group session that Heather creates.

In her 20's Heather taught exercises in nursing homes and a Chronic pain clinic, leaning how to help support a very wide, diverse clientele. Watching how people age has been very insightful and hugely influential in Heather's teachings, both physically, emotionally and mentally. A couple of back injuries of her own in her early 20's meant chronic back pain and a long journey of learning, studying, moving and self healing. Periods of depression, anxiety and disconnection have all been part of her journey of being human.

  Following the journey of movement and development from birth until our old age, full of its trials, challenges and also the joy and gratitude.  Learning how we can age well and live the best we can be. 

 Heather's creation of the ENERGYBODi Studio came in 2012 , a dream come true....

The ENERGYBODi Sensation Studio is the place where you can find your home, the one in your mind heart and body, the one unique to you, the one your soul is asking for you to walk into and get familiar and comfortable with. It is not on the top of some holy mountain, it is not in a new age retreat by the sea nor in a super modern high flying glass box in the city, it is here, in a gloriously old mill, converted and furnished with colour, life and love and it is a vibrant and profound community of wonderful ENERGYBODi's, a sacred space for your sacred joy and you are invited, welcomed, honoured and cherished here.