Pilates is more than just a workout.


Any person who’s been doing it for at least a


couple of months knows that Pilates doesn’t only support and strengthen your

body but it also clears your mind and gives you energy and inner serenity.

The most amazing part happens when students start seeing changes not only in

their bodies but also in their minds, in their emotions and in their lives altogether.

I've just finished my first Pilates course at ENERGYBODi, and I can hardly wait to carry on.


I've been practicing Ashtanga yoga for years, but was struggling with an injury/poor posture in my shoulders.


A head/whiplash injury several months ago worsened my neck and shoulder problems, and brought me to Pilates to try and take a more active role in my recovery. My pain was much improved after the very first session.


My body feels different in general and I have learned some simple techniques I can continue to practice every day to keep my body relaxed and pain free. I have also been really aware of how rested and rejuvenated I feel after classes.


I love the self massage and mindfulness techniques you include and the music has been really

excellent. This has been so much more than just a physical movement class for me, you have really nurtured my whole self with the lovely safe space you hold and the care you show.

'Heather, you are such an attentive, skillful teacher. Your dedication and passion shines from you, and I am very grateful for your wonderful work! Thank you,''

Sarah Grundy.

Most people have no idea how good

their bodies can feel!