EMBODi Aerial Yoga in Rossendale is a wonderful practice that beautifully weaves Yoga and Pilates along with a silk hammock for a whole Body/Mind experience that is exhilarating, confidence building, fun, builds trust and achievement and appreciation in your body.

EMBODi Aerial is a practice that uses a low hanging, wide aerial fabric (silks) like a hammock.


Suspended from the ceiling it is used to ease pressure, and create space in your joints, decrease compression in your spine, increase mobility and fluidity, improve your balance and co-ordination.


It also offers muscular tension release through decompression and hydration of the vertebral discs within the spinal column.

It is an incredible tool and practice for self care, expansion and joy. If you dream of flying with grace, with fun, with connection and with confidence, then come see how to make that dream come true.

Starting in January 2022 we are running Fundamentals sessions in a new format.  The new Fundamentals will run on the first and third week of our 6 week courses on Tuesdays 6-7pm. You will need to complete a minimum of 2 hours before you can book on our other Aerial classes. These are Tuesdays 7.15pm and Thursdays 8.30pm, You can attend and repeat the Aerial Fundamentals sessions as many times as you like. 

On our Pricing options buy a Aerial Fundamentals Pass.