EMBODi Dance

This is the equivalent of an 'internal shower'.

As the spring freshness born of the heavy rains and vast masses of melting snows on mountains in the hinterlands cause rivers to swell and rush turbulently onward to the sea, so too will your blood flow with renewed vigour.

EMBODi Dance is a creative experience allowing you to rediscover the delight of moving your own way, while using choreography to build healthy alignment of joints while simultaneously lengthening and strengthening your muscles.


Set to an eclectic mix of music, the sessions are designed with longevity in mind ...and body.

The body is inseparable from, and in constant reciprocal interaction with, the mind. As such, sensations, perceptions, emotions and thinking affect our body and the way we move.

Our posture and our movements have the power to transform our mental states, to release spontaneity and creativity, to reorganize our brains. New ways of moving and dancing may produce new ways of feeling and perceiving the world.

The sessions take you on a 'journey' inspiring your imagination whilst getting a great fitness workout.

​Motion in your emotion, Space in your thoughts, a smile in your heart and a sprinkle of loving connection.

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance."

~ Alan Watts

How is EMBODi Dance unique?

Movement and music variety - between pulsing strong rhythms to flowing, spiraling and graceful gestures.

​Music ranges from Celtic, New Age, Samba, Classical, Jazz, Electronic Dance, Afro-beat, Ambient, Lounge and Folk, and much more.

The detail of alignment in healthy joint movement, built on decades of functional fitness knowledge. e.g. Learning how to move to look after knees and backs.

Adaptability- Everybody, however out of shape and uncoordinated, or supremely athletic and at the peak of fitness, all in one class.

Sensory Awareness - learn to fine tune your senses and listen to feedback from the body; for alignment, for adjustment, for bringing you into the present moment and for more comfort and pleasure in your body.

Setting a focus and intention at the beginning of each session for added skills and desired out comes. Learn the secrets of mindfulness.

Maintaining a focus throughout class transfers to a skill for every day life. Being able to sustain our awareness of ourselves both mentally and physically is a key in life in life in self care and our interactions.

Most people have no idea how good their body can feel !