BODi Pilates is movement therapy in functional fitness that builds understanding of your body in everyday movement.   We use physiotherapy exercises as well as a wide range of movement therapy to allow your body more comfort and support, strength and flexibility for more pleasure out of life. The Pilates method is taught to suit each person and exercises are regularly re-evaluated to ensure they are appropriate for that person. Due to the individual attention, Pilates can suit everybody from elite athletes to people with limited mobility and people with low fitness levels. 


The Artistry of Movement.

Nourish your Heart and Flourish in Life.

We Specialize in BODi Pilates,

BODi Dance, BODi Yoga 

and BODi Aerial.

 BODi Dance with beautiful lyrical movements set to an eclectic mix of music, with elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, and many Dance Arts with  Mindfulness. 

BODi Dance is a creative experience allowing you to rediscover the delight of moving your own way, while using choreography to build healthy alignment of joints while simultaneously lengthening and strengthening your muscles. Set to an eclectic mix of music, the sessions are designed with longevity in mind ...and body.  The sessions take you on a 'journey' inspiring your imagination whilst getting a great fitness workout.  Read more..

Somatic BODi Yoga  is not a different style of yoga but rather a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles, based on Hanna Somatics.  Hanna Somatics  is a rapidly effective form of neuromuscular (mind-body training) movement re-education that goes directly to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the brain and the way in which it senses and organizes the muscles and movement.  SomaticBODi Yoga helps you to enjoy freedom from pain and more comfortable movement for the rest of your life. Read More...

Tribal Belly Dance (TBA)  is a very grounded earthy style form of belly dance and is performed by groups of women with no 'leader',  Many short sequences are learnt and combined to produce a charismatic,seamless flow. The techniques are  broken down into  clearly defined moves which are demonstrated and are easy to follow with clear instructions. 

There is plenty of repetition and time to ask questions, with small group practice and observation as well as full group participation so you wont get left behind. Read more...

BODi Aerial in Rossendale is a practice that uses a low hanging, wide aerial fabric (silks) like a hammock.  A wonderful practice that beautifully weaves Yoga, Pilates and Aerial tricks to creates great upper body Strength, balance co-ordination and a core workout. 

 BODI Aerial is anexperience that is exhilarating, confidence building, fun, builds trust and achievement and appreciation in your body. Read more...