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The Artistry of Movement.

Nourish your Heart and Flourish in Life.

We Specialize in BODi Pilates,

BODi Dance, BODi Yoga 

and BODi Aerial.

BODi Pilates is a functional fitness movement therapy that builds your understanding of your body for healthy supported movement, in everyday life and in your sports.

 BODi Dance with beautiful lyrical movements set to an eclectic mix of music, with elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, and many Dance Arts with  Mindfulness. 

Somatic BODi Yoga is not a different style of yoga but rather a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles.

Tribal Belly Dance (TBA)  is a very grounded earthy style form of belly dance and is performed by groups of women with no 'leader',  Many short sequences are learnt and combined to produce a charismatic, seamless flow.

BODi Aerial is a practice that uses a low hanging, wide aerial fabric (silks) like a hammock.  A wonderful practice that beautifully weaves Yoga, Pilates and creates great upper body Strength, balance co-ordination and a core workout.