EMBODi Aerial

BODi Aerial Yoga in Rossendale is a wonderful practice that beautifully weaves Yoga and Pilates along with a silk hammock for a whole Body/Mind experience that is exhilarating, confidence building, fun, builds trust and achievement and appreciation in your body  

  Benefits of EMBODi Aerial-

  • Great for spinal decompression. 

  • Strengthens your upper body.

  • Improves your overall well-being by creating a more confident, braver you.

  • Savasana ( relaxation)  in a nurturing cocoon hammock.

  • Strengthens your core, your balance and improves your proprioception ( awareness of your body in relations to the space around you and your centre of balance) 

  • Feel like a child again!

What is BODi Aerial?

BODi Aerial is a practice that uses a low hanging, wide aerial fabric (silks) like a hammock.  Suspended from the ceiling it is used to ease pressure, and create space in your joints,  decrease compression in your spine, increase mobility and  fluidity, improve your balance and co-ordination. It also offers muscular tension release through decompression and hydration of the vertebral discs within the spinal column.

It is an incredible tool and practice for self care, expansion and joy. If you dream of flying with grace, with fun, with connection and with confidence, then come see how to make that dream come true. 

Before joining a class you will need to embark on your flying journey with a two hour fundamentals session , which we hold roughly every month. Please see our workshops

page to book your session. 

 Research on suspension training indicates that you have to use your core muscles more when you’re suspended than when you’re on the ground to keep yourself stable.   The silks can be used to aid and support or to challenge, building core and upper-arm strength that they don’t build in traditional yoga, where most arm movements are about pushing, not pulling.

We are losing more and more of our upper body strength and hand grip our modern culture. Our upper body and shoulder girdle does not get the full movement it is designed. A lot of neck and shoulder problems result in this lack of full range.  

This classes are great fun.  You may surprise yourself. 

Trying something new and stepping into the unknown is a great way to stimulate your neuropathways and keep you alert, active and feeling alive. 

Put a spring back in your step and come and join us!